Stationary Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Our collaborators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have created the World's first stationary digital breast tomosynthesis (s-DBT) system using one of our custom designed CNT X-ray source arrays. The stationary digital breast tomosynthesis system, only through the use of our technology, is capable of producing the highest resolution digital breast tomosynthesis datasets and fastest acquisitions of all the systems on the market. The high resolution is especially important in the field of mammography where objects being imaged can be smaller than 100 um. The system not only utilizes our carbon nanotube X-ray source array technology but also one of our custom high voltage switching systems which allows for the fast acquisition times. Currently the system is under a 100-patient clinical trial at the North Carolina Cancer Hospital in UNC Hospitals. The study looks to compare stationary digital breast tomosynthesis to conventional 2D mammography. This study was one of the first uses of nanotechnology in humans.