Advanced Technology Computed Tomography

XinRay’s Advanced Technology Computed Tomography (AT-CT) concept combines multibeam X-ray tubes with unique imaging geometries to deliver application driven stationary computed tomography. Conventional computed tomography (CT) rotates an X-ray source around an imaged object; the need to physically rotate to acquire CT data restricts the imaging geometry. XinRay’s carbon nanotube based multibeam tubes can be designed to have X-ray focal spots in multiple configurations, allowing us to design a CT system with the optimal distribution of X-ray focal spots for any given application.

XinRay designed and built a laboratory Advanced Technology Computed Tomography system for airport security checkpoint baggage screening. To fit into the existing airport checkpoint, a baggage scanner must be fast and compact. XinRay’s laboratory AT-CT uses a compact rectangular design around a rectangular tunnel with a conveyor belt to move the bags through the system. Linear multibeam tubes are used together with a linear array of X-ray detectors to form the rectangular geometry. The only moving part in the entire system is the conveyor belt. XinRay uses a state-of-the-art electronic control system to rapidly fire the CNT emitters in sequence, producing multiple X-ray beams that quickly scan the object. With no rotation-induced blurring and a much faster scanning speed, the resulting image data has higher resolution than conventional CT baggage screening systems. A manuscript from a special section of IEEE Access, which covers our Advanced Technology Computed Tomography System and our state-of-the-art reconstruction algorithms, can be found here.